It's a precious 24 hours until your Snapchat story disappears into the abyss, so let's make it memorable! I'm here to craft the right content for your audience, complete with my signature witty twist.


Just getting started and looking to kickstart your Snapchat account? Let me lend my paid media expertise to help grow your audience through your existing channels.



With its huge user base but limited reporting metrics, Snapchat is still a challenging puzzle for marketers to solve. I bring years of agency experience in social media to build a cohesive strategy that helps Snapchat enhance overall marketing efforts.


These sunglasses on my face? Not just for scoring style points. They also shoot wide-angle circular video and upload directly to Snapchat. Give these bad boys a shot, and take your snap quality to the next level!

Want the impact of your Snapchat program to extend beyond your own story? Make your mark at an event, conference, or office with custom-designed, on-demand geofilters.