WHo AM i?

Connor Witt -- known to the Snapchat community as Wittguy -- a San Francisco-based digital marketer and an expert Snapchat content creator. Since sending out my first ever Snapchat doodle during a slow work shift in college, my passion for finding new and interesting ways to create content has only grown. Sure, I probably could've learned a new language (or five) in all the time I’ve dedicated to the app, but people use Snapchat in all corners of the world so.... it's kinda the same, right?

WHat do i do?

Whether I'm snapping instructional tips, leading a first-person Spectacles-filmed adventure tale, or animating a jet ski scene with DJ Khaled, I create custom content designed for success on Snapchat's platform. I also help develop effective Snapchat strategies for any number of business goals, drawing on my years of experience at a social media marketing agency. Sound like something you might be interested in? Click that big ol' button below and let's collaborate!



"Connor is a rad dude, absolute pleasure to work with, and a creative force to be reckoned with.”


- Mason Robinson, Chubbies Director of Content

"Connor is super savvy and probably knows more about Snapchat than a majority of 'social media experts.' He's funny, super enjoyable to work with, and he's able to adapt other people's voices as well.”

- Grant Marek, Chubbies Editorial Director

"Connor is the snapchat guru. He's a great person to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of. He always comes to the table with something fresh, funny, and innovative.”

- Phil Mills, Chubbies Content Creator